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Get to know a little about me, Paula B.

You are creative, you have ideas,
but do you really have time to
fiddle with DIY programs & software?

In the age of drag-and-drop and generators, you have SO many options of how to get started with your online business.

There really is an endless array.

But what most seem to forget is that you really didn’t get into business to become a graphic designer and marketing strategist.

You started you business to help your customers with your product, offering and/or service.

So I started my business to help you create a cohesive brand & go back to worrying about the stuff that’s more important to you.

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Driving Industry Trends

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  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

Continued Education


Summer Intern for Pepsico’s Marketing & Branding Company
In-Person Coaching with Regina
In-Person Coaching with Maya Elious
Phone Coaching with Ilise Benun

Course & E-Books

  • The Blogpreneur
  • Blog Dirty 30
  • Visual Arsenal
  • Go Independent
  • Freedom Biz Workshop
  • Community Building Bootcamp
  • Ninja Sales School
  • The Epic Guide To Creating A Brand Identity
  • Serious Social
  • Social Splash
  • Pinfinite Growth
  • Organize & Automate
  • The Content Planning Workshop For Infopreneurs
  • Funnels With Friends

Purpose To Service
How To Build A Six-Figure Coaching Business
The Secret Behind Making Sales As An Introvert
The Product Planner
The Epic Guide To Creating A Brand Identity
Branding For Creatives
The Pocket Content Planner
The Freelance Marketing Plan
The Social Strategy
How To Use Twitter Chats To Build An Online Community
How To Double Your Audience Using Social Media Communities
How To Effectively Sell Using Social Media
Grow Your Blog Traffic
3-Day Create
Printed Passive Product